General Questions

Can I visit your studio?

Yes! Please make an appointment and I’m happy to show you around! I generally keep a small selection of work at my studio for sale.

Where can I purchase your work?

You can purchase directly from the studio or from my etsy site, or you can find me at these local retailers.

Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes. I do custom orders if it fits with my existing body of work and uses glazes I have already formulated. If you want a set of something I am happy to make them all together to ensure they are similar in size and form. I require a 50% deposit before beginning custom orders.

How do you ship your work?

I generally ship through Canada post. If you need your item shipped faster I can get a quote and delivery time for shipping via UPS courier.

Art is packed carefully and often double-boxed to ensure your order arrives safely.


How do you get the images onto the pottery?

I use a decal transfer process which involves printing the images with iron oxide rich ink onto decal transfer paper, which is eventually transferred onto the glazed work and fired again to fuse the iron into the white glaze. While most pottery undergoes 2 firings, each Flora & Fauna piece undergoes 3 firings… first to bisque (harden) the clay so it can be handled to glaze it, second to fire glaze onto the piece and third to fuse the decal image onto the glazed piece.

What type of clay do you use?

I use white stoneware for most work and porcelain for translucent work such as lamps and jewelry.

What temperature do you fire your pottery to?

I fire to ‘cone 6’ which is 2269 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature both clay and glaze are molten.

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What paint do you use?

Acrylic (on canvas).

Find out more about my paintings:

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Do you make custom urns?

Yes, I make custom urns. You may choose the glaze colour from my existing glaze palette and we can work together to determine the form and size you wish for. There is also the option of a personal inscription, hand-written in the clay.

How do I order a custom urn?

After a consultation with you to determine what you envision, I will get back to you with a quick sketch and a quote, after which I require a 50% deposit before beginning a custom urn.

How is the lid secured? Do I need to seal the lid?

The lid is secured by a thin piece of coloured wire wrapped around secure knobs. Other materials such as leather, ribbon or string may be used to replace the wire if preferred.

Each lid has a tiny marker of two imprinted dots on the edge that match with corresponding dots on the rim of the vessel. This makes it easy to determine which way the lid goes on, ensuring a tight fit. These dots are not visible when the lid is closed.
It is not necessary to seal the lid, but if you desire a permanent seal it is recommended to use silicon caulking, available from the hardware store. Simply apply a small amount around the opening before closing the lid.

What size urn do I need?

The volume of urns is measured in cubic inches and the cubic inch volume of each urn is listed with the photo. To measure the volume of ashes: measure (in inches) the height of the ashes in a square container, multiply the height by the inner width, and multiply again by the inner depth (front to back dimension) – this will give you the volume in cubic inches (height x width x depth = volume).

Can I use an Elementerra Urn instead of the urns sold by the funeral home?

Funeral homes are obligated to use any urn you choose to provide them with.

Who will put the ashes into the urn?

It is recommended to bring the remains and the urn to the funeral home or the crematory and they will transfer the ashes into the urn. Alternately, if there is someone in the home who feels comfortable transferring the remains into the urn it is perfectly acceptable to do so. Occasionally I have transferred ashes into the urns for customers who do not feel comfortable with this process.

What inspired you to make cremation urns?

The original inspiration to make urns began when someone close to me asked for an urn. I thought about it for a long time and discussed with her what exactly she would like the urn to look like. It made me realize that an urn could be more than just a container, it could be a piece of art, inspired and genuine, to serve as a reference of a life well lived.

In discussions with various people who have needed to look for an urn, the general consensus I heard was that people were having a difficult time finding an urn that they felt appropriately represented their loved one. Whether the urn was chosen as a temporary container for use during a ceremony, ash-scattering, or burial, or as a permanent memorial, they wanted something that resonated with them.

I decided that I would provide people with unique, hand-crafted cremation urns as an alternative that would be more meaningful and personal.

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